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10 Factors to Help you Decide Where to Locate in Derby

Moving home mortgage advice in Derby

If you are a First Time Buyer in Derby or are looking to move into the area, you may be thinking about where in the area of Derby you would like to live. House hunting is known to be the most daunting. Along with this, you will need to factor in mortgage arrangements as well as find the best mortgage deal and sort out your finances for your new home.

There is a high chance that at this point you will have a rough idea of where you may like to live and the type of houses you would like. Furthermore, you will be looking into the location and its amenities and the amount you get for your money. You may be stuck between a few places and will want to weigh up the pros and cons of each place to help you towards your final decision.

In this article, we have listed some points you could keep in mind when selecting a place to live in Derby.

1. Where to live, Derby city centre or countryside

An important factor for many homebuyers will be what type of area they would like to live in Derby. For many, this is whether they want to live in a more central location or a more rural area.

It’s more important to think about whether the area will affect your commute to work, as well as access to local amenities, shops and schools.

You need to think about the transport links around the area you are thinking of living in. For drivers, you may want to look at the motorway links, whereas, those who are looking for public transport will want to look at the railway or bus links to their place of work. It’s generally important for those who don’t have their own mode of transport.

3. Schools, colleges

One of the reasons for moving home in Derby is to look for a property with a larger space. This is normally for homebuyers who are looking to start a family. With this, many people look at an area that has excellent schools nearby for their children to go to. If you are in this situation but are wondering which school is best, looking at the school league tables to get an idea of what each school is like can help towards your final decision too.

4. Local amenities

The type of amenities in the area will change depending on what lifestyle you have. For example, you may enjoy exploring and being around nature which is what a rural area can fulfil or you enjoy the thriving city where there are lots going on at your doorstep. Whatever your lifestyle is, it’s good to look into these and what facilities will be around your area and whether these will benefit you.

Making some sort of ‘wishlist’ of the things you would like and need in the area can help towards a decision. You may find that all the areas you were looking at don’t have all the things you want which is why you should split up your list into priorities and desires to whittle down to an area that will benefit you.

5. Family & friends

Being close to your family and friends can be important to those with children who are in need of childcare like the school run. Therefore, it’s best you look into this yourself and find a property that is not far for your family or friends and is convenient for you to visit or approach them for any support you need.

6. Value for money

Through your property search, you may have noticed that property prices slightly change in different parts of the U.K as well as within Derby. Through our experience providing Mortgage Advice in Derby, we do find homebuyers, in particular, those who are looking for their first property will look at a cheaper place and compromise on the facilities to save money while they save for a bigger property in the future.

7. Local community

Community is an aspect to think about when moving, however, it’s not at the top of everyone’s list. An area with a thriving community can be important if you want to be a part of it or if you are new to the area. Many areas do have community websites and Facebook pages which can provide insight into what the locals are like. Many areas do have a community centre or village that puts on plenty of weekly activities if you are looking to build friendships with the people in your area.

8. House prices – long term

Again, house prices can slightly change in areas, but you may be house hunting in the hopes of finding a property you want to settle down in long term in the hopes the property prices may rise so you can sell in the future.

9. Career Change

Your new job may take you to move to Derby. It’s very likely that you will be looking for a property that is located in a convenient route to your workplace and within a reasonable distance. On the other hand, many do look to live on the outskirts of Derby as it may be cheaper and have some brilliant transport links making it easy to commute to and from work.

10. Local Developments

Future developments in the area can be important to look at to see whether the property you are interested in will be affected. This is especially the case if you are looking for a long term property.

This is another reason why doing your research is key as you will be able to see if there will be any future investments. From this, you can conclude whether this will have a good impact on your lifestyle or not.

You may be looking for a more quiet and rural life, however, you may not be happy with the fact that the area is thinking of developing a large housing estate nearby.

Moving Home in Derby

If you are in the process of finding a property in Derby and are looking to make an offer, it’s time to look at getting yourself a mortgage. Contact our team today so we can book you in for a free mortgage appointment with one of our expert Mortgage Advisors in Derby.

Our team are here every day of the week from early until late, subject to appointment availability. We have a fantastic reputation for helping those taking that first step onto the property as well as those Moving Home in Derby. Our team are more than happy to help with your mortgage success!

Date Last Edited: December 6, 2023

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