10 Factors to Help you Decide Where to Locate in Derby

Moving home mortgage advice in Derby

Whether you are a First Time Buyer in Derby or are Moving Home, you may be deciding whereabouts you want to live in Derby. One aspect of the moving process that can be daunting is house hunting. You will need to factor in mortgage arrangements along with finding the best mortgage deal as well as organising the finances for your new home.

At this point in time, you will likely have a rough idea of where you may like to live and the types of houses you would like. Along with this, you will be looking into the location and its amenities and the amount you get for your money. You may be torn between some places and will want to think about the deciding factors that will come towards your final decision.

Below we have collated some points to keep in mind when choosing where to locate in Derby.

1. Where to live, Derby city centre or countryside

One of the most critical factors initially will be deciding whereabouts you would want to live in Derby. In particular, if you will want to live in a more central location or a more rural area.

This is key as the area will impact your commute to work, and access to local amenities, shops and schools.

2. Transport links

How we will get to work and how long it will take can be a key factors for many people. Therefore, you may want to look into the transport links such as railway or bus stations and even motorway links. One of these will be more important than the others especially if you do or don’t have your own mode of transport.

3. Schools, colleges

If you have a family or are looking to start one, the schools in the area may be the deciding factor. There are some brilliant schools in Derby so it may be best to look into the school league tables to narrow down your options on which school you will let your children attend.

4. Local amenities

Everyone’s lifestyle is different so you may want to prioritise an area that fulfils yours. This may be living the countryside life to fulfil your hobby of walking for example or it may be the hustle and bustle of the city where there are plenty of shops and social areas. Either way, it’s best to do your research into these factors and can be key to find where your closest emergency facilities are.

We do suggest making a small list of things you need and what you would like in an area in order to outline your priorities and desires. From this, you can refer to your ‘wish list’ when you find a property you are interested in and see if it matches your needs.

5. Family & friends

Many consider this if they need any additional support with your children like school runs and general childcare. You may want to look into this yourself and find a property that is within a short distance of your family or friends so it can be easy for you to visit them or approach them for any support you may need.

6. Value for money

As you may know, different parts of the U.k have varying property prices and within Derby, the property prices will differ depending on the type of property and the area it’s in. You may initially want to go for a cheaper property in Derby and compromise on the facilities whilst you save money for something bigger in the future.

7. Local community

The community may not be a priority to some especially if you want to keep yourself to yourself, however, you may want to get to know the people around you, in particular, if you are new to the area! If you are interested in this, look for any local websites and potential Facebook pages beforehand to get an idea of the going on in the area and what the people are like.

8. House prices – long term

As mentioned, house prices can vary in areas, however, you may want to look for a long-term property and hope the property prices rise on the off chance to sell in the future.

9. Career Change

You may be moving to Derby due to a career change. Therefore, I’m sure you will be looking for a property that has a convenient route to your workplace or is in reasonable distance to it. It is common for people to look at properties on the outskirts of Derby as there is brilliant transport links and routes for them to commute to work from.

10. Local Developments

It can be good to look at whether there are any future improvements in the area you are looking to live in, in particular, if you’re looking live there for a long time.

This is where online research can be beneficial if you are looking to find any future investments. It’s key to consider whether or not this will be helpful for you and your lifestyle.

For example, if you are looking for a more quiet and rural life, you may be disappointed if you find that the area is looking at developing a large housing estate nearby.

Moving Home in Derby

If you are looking at moving into a property in Derby and are beginning to make offer as well as getting yourself a mortgage, get in touch with our team today who can book you in for a free mortgage appointment. We have a team of Mortgage Advisors in Derby that are here to help!

We are available 7 days a week from early until late, subject to appointment availability. We have helped many First Time Buyers and those Moving Home in Derby achieve their mortgage goals and are more than happy to help you towards mortgage success.



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